The French are the most romantic Tinder users

Tinder is launching a new feature in partnership with Spotify, which displays his musical tastes on his profile. Why is this important to you?

Sean Rad, co-founder of Tinder: Users can now appear on their profile artists they prefer. Even if they do not subscribe to Spotify, they can also choose a worship song, that is to say, highlight the title choice, one they do not manage to get out of your head right moment, one that reveals their mindset. Happn (French implementation of dating, Ed) had already partnered with Spotify, but not as advanced as ours. I am convinced that music is an essential part of our lives. My tastes reveal a little of who I am, I like the songs say something about my personality. We hope this will help our users to engage in conversation and have rich exchanges. What is the best way to break the ice to share music? We have already revolutionized how people meet, now we want to revolutionize how they make knowledge and build relationships.

So when a user logs in Tinder, the application will present her priority profiles with similar musical tastes to his own?

Yes. We use a number of data like Facebook pages that users like their Facebook friends in common, their geographical position and their musical tastes to present priority profiles might enjoy.

They are thus condemned to meet only people like themselves?

(Laughs) No! No profile is hidden on Tinder, you can see everyone. It is a simple matter of prioritization. If people who like the same music you do not like them, continue

swiper (zapper, Ed) the others are not far away.

Are the French users Tinder different from the rest of the world?

Yes, it is the most romantic! It is those who have the longest conversations before meeting, for example. A week on average. Love is serious business in France, we know, and that is why we are particularly interested in French users. Tinder is very popular in your country. In one year, we will have increased by 85%. Worldwide, France is the fourth country where the application is the most downloaded. Paris is the city where there are the most users during the year, Nice summer. Every day, 45 million are

of swipes (profile views, Ed) which are made in France alone. Finally, Paris is one of the most popular cities also Tinder Plus (a premium version of Tinder that lets you zap in the area you want without being present geographically, Ed). I understand that, I’m also my favorite destination!

Before the United Kingdom will vote to leave the Union CampaƱa, you have developed Swipe the vote. It was a feature that allowed users to test their knowledge of the EU and where they were encouraged to vote. The same quiz was made during the campaign of the US primaries, with the same message. Is it the role of a meeting application to participate in the political debate?

We are constantly looking at what interests our users, debates behind them, the causes for which they undertake. Our members are passionate, committed, and we want to be part of this conversation. We thus tried to journalism with this campaign Swipe the vote, in the sense

where we made the relay verified and reliable information. In the UK we were in partnership with Bite the ballot, an association that works to encourage young people to vote, the United States with Rock the Vote, a similar structure. We have not made any decision yet, but why not also imagine another initiative during the presidential campaign in France? We do not allow anything.

How do you evolve Tinder? Are you afraid of being swept by a new innovation, new Tinder, as traditional sites have been with you?

(Laughs) I admit to being someone a little paranoid, but no, I’m not afraid to see Tinder swept by a new innovation! We are constantly imagining the future of our service. We focus so close to virtual reality that, in the future, will perhaps to communicate with others in a way that we have not even imagined today. We will be the next Tinder.

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