The scientific way to get more matches on Tinder dating app

Seduction made in Tinder, this is not really the epitome of hardcore romance. It is a reality: If you want to have more matches, science can help you …

Now that Tinder called Spotify in your games for you to attract still more music and, above all, depending on your musical tastes, you have no reason to snobber the app dating. Certainly, there a few weeks, the editorial ‘of meltyStyle did you know that during a few hours, Tinder jumped and users had panicked. But since then the platform was perfectly able to catch up. And if it is the fear of rejection that makes you stay away from dating app, we should be able to help you. Finally, rather, the sociologist Tinder should be able to give you some helpful advice to optimize your games. Already know that (and there are the algorithms that speak, not the sociologist), in general, men are more likely to swiper right without much talk then, while women swipent less but interact more with people with whom they meet. That’s already a tool that can be used to stand out!

Also, the sociologist recently revealed in Fast Company magazine, after analyzing 12,000 photographs published on Tinder, 141 variables (selfie, meaning look, dress style, etc.) had been detected, to arrive at some very useful lessons. The professional was for example concluded that 72% of the analyzed profiles wore neutral colors. If you want to stand out and impress from the first picture, so bet on bright colors! “It’s totally against intuitive. If you want to stand out, remember that little black dress and bet on a fuchsia dress,” she told the magazine then. Good on your side, a light blue or green shirt should do the trick, not really worth it to bet on the dress … Well, that’s up to you eh! Whatever the outfit, it is clear bet on color and do not hesitate to make the first move with your game, it will eventually pay!

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