Tinder’s newest app, Tinder Stacks

Tinder has just launched a new application called Stacks Tinder. This new application for iMessages, Apple’s instant messaging function as a kind of survey.

Tinder is ready to break into your iMessages conversations. Rest assured, the application is not for your “rencards”. The new app Tinder Stacks is more interested in your photos. Indeed, Tinder Stacks is mainly to choose more of your photos and then send them to your contacts in your iMessages conversations. These can then vote and whether or not they like the photo. The scoring method follows a little the operating mode of Tinder when “like” user or not the picture of a suitor. Here, users will even be able to see the number of likes it receives.

There is no specific use associated with Tinder Stacks. You may as well use it to find out what your friends think of your latest profile picture, your outfit or the latest pair of glasses that you offered. Tinder is particularly selfies with this new application that survey office.

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